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Wildwood Community Market is a family + friend owned hub for all things local. Located in Our mission is to lift up as many local businesses as possible--we truly are a by the community // for the community business! We sell a wide variety of local + organic groceries and goods such as fresh produce, meats, honey, houseplants, flowers, sauces, tinctures, cleaning supplies, home goods, supplements + more. If we cannot get it locally we search out and get our goods from small brands as much as possible--most of which are women + minority owned companies. We have a full kitchen and bakery in house and make our food with the same high quality local + organic ingredients that you will find in our market. This results in the freshest, high quality food you can get AND ensures minimum food waste (what waste there is from the kitchen in picked up by locals to compost)!  We offer many vegan and allery friendly options (though if you are a carnivore, we have you covered too). Not to brag, but our country fried tofu has been called the best tofu sandwich EVER by many, many a folk. On our menu you will find sandwiches, bowls, wraps, daily specials nand a HUGE variety of deli salads to add vibrance to your meal--made fresh daily. Looking for a family friendly spot?  We have a play kitchen corner in our cafe and welcome the ruckus that comes with your kids!

Wildwood will turn one year old next month. The first year of business has been, as expected, quite the struggle as we learn, grow and adapt--but ya'll have carried us through. We are SO grateful for the support our community has shown us over the past year and we look forward to giving it back years to come! 

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